Meat manufacturer De Keyser

A major player in meat processing

Meat manufacturer De Keyser is one of Belgium’s leading private label manufacturers for cold cuts and deli meats, in particular pork, chicken and turkey. We also supply a variety of meat and meat products for the convenience food industry, such as sandwich fillings, sauces, soups, hot meals, and wok & topping. Operating two manufacturing plants in Belgium, Vleeswaren De Keyser supplies retail chains, the food industry, food service outlets, and wholesalers across Europe.

We rethink meat

Meat is our passion. We are always working on further development and improvement of our meat products, making things easier for you. Meat manufacturer Vleeswaren De Keyser is specialised in diced and sliced pork, chicken and turkey. We always guarantee:

  • the right quality
  • a superior service  
  • convenience concepts

Sustainable production

As a modern meat manufacturer, we are committed to quality and sustainability. We always think with our clients and work in partnership with you to develop a custom-made solution and achieve the perfect product for your needs. Our aim is to reduce wastage, energy consumption and the use of additives to an absolute minimum, while increasing quality, animal welfare and safety.

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