Meat snacks are popular among consumers. It’s always fun to dish up some delicious and suprising bites at get-togethers with friends.

Some of the more traditional meat snacks are:

  • diced salami or traditional Ghent brawn with a touch of mustard
  • mini toasts with tasty, creamy liver pâté or tasty farmer’s pâté and garnished with comfit
  • thinly shaved filet de Saxe, cooked ham or salami served as finger food or tapas

Cold cuts and deli meats on the menu

Hobby chefs who want to add a creative touch can cook up a range of delicious snacks with our selection of cold cuts and deli meats:

  • mini omelets with pan-fried diced bacon
  • fine strips of Flemish farmer’s ham served with fruit on an appetiser spoon
  • goat’s cheese or other cheeses wrapped in bacon and briefly heated in the oven
  • dates or other sweet fruits combined with bacon

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